Audioslice: It Goes To 11

Why should pen & ink have all the fun? Audioslice stretches the Hugo celebration to the max, turning the dial to 11 with this round-up of audiobook excerpts from 2010’s science fiction and fantasy rockstars.

Listening to these titles rather than reading them does beg the question… if you’d judged these same titles on audiobook instead of in print, so you think your vote have been different?


The City & The City by China Miéville, narrated by John Lee (Random House Audio)

(Tied for the win!)


The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi, narrated by Jonathan Davis (Brilliance Audio)

(Tied for the win!)


Boneshaker by Cherie Priest, narrated by Wil Wheaton & Kate Reading (Macmillan Audio)




Julian Comstock: A Story of 22nd-Century America by Robert Charles Wilson, narrated by Scott Brick (Macmillan Audio)



Palimpsest by Catherynne M. Valente, narrated by Aasne Vigesaa (Brilliance Audio)



WWW:Wake by Robert J. Sawyer, narrated by Robert J. Sawyer, Jessica Almasy, Jennifer Van Dyck, A.C. Fellner, Marc Vietor (Brilliance Audio) 



Liz is… back from Dragon*Con and sends a shout out to the girl who knitted—and wore with great aplomb—a massive, whole-person-sized Jayne’s hat.


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