Chicken Soup for the Soulless: The Living Dead 2 Hits the Shelves Next Week

If you’re like me, you enjoy a good zombie story (forty-four of them if you can manage it). So I’m always on the lookout for the latest zombie bonanza.

Ladies and gentlemen, the mother lode.

The undisputed master of the zombie anthology is none other than John Joseph Adams. In 2008, The Living Dead swept the industry. Publisher’s Weekly named it one of the Best Books of the Year, and Barnes & called it “The best collection of zombie fiction ever.”

Next week, the hotly-anticipated sequel to The Living Dead hits the shelves. Now, B& has changed its mind: “I described The Living Dead as the best collection of zombie fiction stories ever collected—this follow-up anthology is even better.”

But don’t take his word for it, or mine (my story ”Mouja” appears on page 61). Drive it before you buy it. The Living Dead 2 has a slick new website with eight, count ’em, eight free stories from the anthology! So check it out right now. And then go buy the book, or order it online, or download the e-book, or whatever it is you crazy kids are doing these days. The book costs just $15.99. That’s like, thirty-seven cents per story.

I’m telling you, this JJA is a mad genius, and not the kind from his forthcoming anthology The Mad Scientist’s Guide to World Domination. You won’t just find eight free stories (including mine) and glowing reviews of the massive tome, but you’ll also get the header notes to every story in the book AND exclusive interviews with the contributors (including me) that you can’t find anywhere else! The constraints of grammar demand I use only one exclamation point per sentence to share this information with you, but honestly, you could fight off legions of undead with the number of exclamation points I would choose to use.

The fun doesn’t stop there, my little flesheaters. Next week, we are going to be having zombie week here at T dot C. Several of the authors featured in The Living Dead 2 will contribute to the zombie jamboree (including me). So be on the look out.

Why are you still here? Go buy the book! Read all those free goodies. Seriously, get going. The zombies might be right behind you!

(Special thanks to Sam Beattie for the title of this article.)

Matt London is an author and filmmaker who lives in New York City. He is a graduate of the Clarion Writer’s Workshop, as well as a columnist for, Lightspeed, and Realms of Fantasy. His fiction can be found in the anthology The Living Dead 2. He holds a BFA in Film Production from New York University.


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