Beating Caprica Withdrawal 3: The SDCC Experience

Now that San Diego Comic-Con is over, all the online coverage is pouring in on news/Twitter/Facebook feeds. Alessandra Torresani (Zoe Greystone) and Sasha Roiz (Sam Adama) were everywhere promoting Caprica. Magda Apanowicz (Lacy Rand) was also on hand along with James Marsters (Barnabas Greeley), creators Ronald Moore and David Eick, composer Bear McCreary, and executive producer/writers Jane Espenson and Bob Harris. There’s no shortage of professional Caprica SDCC coverage, and I’ll be sharing some of that with you. BUT, I also wanted to include some fan coverage! A couple of fans have been gracious enough to share their own photos and impressions of meeting their favorite Caprica stars/creators, and as we all know, the fan reaction is the one that really counts, right? Of course, right.

But first, the most important Caprica-related thing to come out of SDCC…


Multiple badass Zoes?! Tamara/Zoe team-up?! Sister Clarice becoming fully [email protected]#t crazy?! Avatar Amanda?! Daniel pulling an Anakin and fully going over to the Dark Side?! Joseph and Sam teaming up against the Ha’la’tha?! YES! [email protected]#t just got real, people. January can’t come fast enough! (Thanks to for posting the trailer up.)


The internet is a blessing for those of us, like me, who couldn’t get out to San Diego this year! Available in its entirety, is the official Caprica panel (Thanks to!):

For the rest of the panel: Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5


Chuck The Movie Guy did some great interivews with Alessandra, Sasha, and James! Here’s the one with Ms. Torresani (though apparently, Mr. Roiz couldn’t help but crash it!). Chuck looks like he’s going to pass OUT he’s so into her. Fanboy Love FTW!

And here’s Sasha being the chillest dude ever. Incidentally, his Twitter is NOT “Sam Adama,” but is his own name: @sasharoiz. Clearly, this is an actor who’s way devoted to his character!

Lastly, here’s the fabulous James Marsters discussing his role as the crazy-complicated Barnabas Greeley. He describes Caprica as “a dark ride with a lot of love in it anyway.” I couldn’t agree more!

There are some other great interviews over at Movie Web with not only these three, but Ron Moore, too! The Ron Moore interview is really interesting in that he talks about what his hopes are for a Caprica Season Two! You can check out these interviews HERE.


Apparently, Caprica fans are predominantly female! I didn’t do a scientific study or anything, but the fans that jumped to participate in this article were all fabulous geek girls!

The photo above is from Michelle Wheeler from South Carolina, who attended her first SDCC this year! She is, of course, flanked by Sasha and Alessandra. Here’s how she describes her Caprica experience:

Attending Comic-Con for the first time, my husband, Paul, and I weren’t quite sure what to expect. We didn’t know if we’d be satisfied with the panels or if we’d get the chance to meet any of our favorite stars.

We were really excited that both of those things were true in our case! We enjoyed the Caprica panel (although the cast seemed a little nervous!), and especially the surprise last-minute addition of Magda Apanowicz. It was neat to hear that they are all very close in real life and just sort of experiencing all of this together. Alessandra Torresani admitted her Twitter addiction and was a tweeting machine throughout the Con! James Marsters got the biggest cheers (lots of Buffy fans in the crowd, apparently…), but the entire cast was well received. I think they were overwhelmed by the support and love!

Later, Paul and I headed over to the Café Diem for supper. (Who wouldn’t want to eat dinner in Eureka if they had the chance!?) In the back of the restaurant, they had a green screen set up where you could take photos. The photos were then being shown on screens all around the restaurant.  

We noticed that Alessandra’s face kept popping up in these pictures. We assumed she had come in earlier and just really loved the camera! As we headed to the back after our meal to take our own photos, who should we run into but Alessandra and Sasha! They were back there greeting fans, taking pictures, signing stuff, and just generally being awesome. They were both very gracious and unassuming to everyone who spoke to them. I had brought my Caprica DVD in hopes of getting Jane Espenson’s autograph. Little did I know I’d be getting several of the cast’s signatures as well! Alessandra and Sasha both signed without hesitation and jumped in for a photo. We chatted for a few minutes and I totally had that “I love the show more now that I’ve met you in person!” experience.

Comic-Con was a major success for us this year and meeting the Capricans was at the top of a long list of highlights! 

Jeanie Herger, a gamer geek from San Diego , sent me pics of her  and Magda. While they were all lovely, this one clearly takes the cake, and was Jeanie’s favorite, too:

Jeanie also got a shot of the “Caprica Salad” section of the menu at SyFy’s Café Diem. I love that the Greystone salad is just plain ol’ tuna, The Cylon is grilled chicken, and The Adama is spicy! Heh.

Somehow,’s very own Alex Brown found the energy after her full SDCC reportage to share some Caprica-related bits with me. Apparently, she met Bear McCreary and managed to keep her cool:

I did meet Bear McCreary outside the Convention Center when he called me over to ask me about my Jayne hat. I didn’t do anything fangirlish though, so no pics or anything. I’m pretty sure he didn’t know that I recognized him. I try to stay normal when I meet awesome people!

Well, the cat’s out of the bag now, Alex! While she didn’t attend the Caprica panel on Friday, she DID attend the BSG/Caprica panel on Thursday. Here’s her shot of Richard Hatch, Michael Tayler, Bear McCreary, and Kevin Grazier:

She also managed to capture Magda at her signing table in the adorable, 80’s-inspired, off-the-shoulder outfit she wore to the Caprica panel on Friday:

Entertainment Earth’s Aaron Labowitz, Magda, Alessandra, and Jane Espenson:

Lastly, you can’t say “geek girl” without thinking of Geek Girl Diva!  This blogger extraordinaire is also one of the luckiest geek girls on the planet in that she works for Entertainment Earth, one of the best websites around for geek-related merchandise. Can someone say toys?! Entertainment Earth had a signing table at SDCC where none other than Jane Espenson, Bob Harris, and Alessandra Torresani were doing signings!  Here’s what Diva had to say about that:

The best moment I had [at SDCC] was quiet, conversational and totally unexpected.

Part of my job at the Entertainment Earth booth this year was helping with the celebrity signings, and we had some awesome ones. But the one I was most excited for came Saturday at 1:00 when Jane Espenson and Bob Harris came by the booth. Both of them were so great to watch during the signing. Generous with their time, open to questions and very willing to give both advice and encouragement to aspiring writers as they dropped by.

In between, we had a time to talk and I was able to ask my own
questions as well as tweet out and get back questions from my
followers. It seems Jane is most like Anya. I’m still trying to figure
out if that includes the bunnies. I was able to quietly indulge my
fangirl side whie working!

I would have been just fine with that, but it got better.

Towards the end of the signing, Alessandra Torresani, Sasha
Roiz and a few of the Caprica team came by the booth. Before long,
there were hugs all around. (Alessandra had been by the day before and I got another squeeful hug as we discussed her desire to increase her Twitter followers during con—it seems we both have a slight Twitter addiction.)

Fans who came by to meet one or two people suddenly found themselves with a bounty of Caprica goodness. Everyone taking pics and signing and lots of good natured joking and chatter all around.

And me in the middle of it, like a kid in a candy store.

Here’s her shot of Sasha Roiz approaching the EE booth:

And here’s Alessandra and Jane:

I’m thrilled that Caprica got so much attention at SDCC! Now, let’s viral the hell out of the Season 1.5 trailer! How could anyone not want to watch this show after that?! Answer: it’s impossible.

Caprica returns to SyFy in January 2011.

For the first two Beating Caprica Withdrawal columns, click here and here. (Photo at head of article courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.)

Teresa Jusino was born on the same day that Skylab fell. Coincidence? She doesn’t think so. Her “feminist brown person” take on pop culture has been featured on websites like,, and (edited by Kevin Smokler). She is currently working on several fiction projects, including a web series for Pareidolia Films called The Pack, which she hopes to debut by the end of the year! Get Twitterpated with Teresa, Follow The Pack or visit her at The Teresa Jusino Experience.


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