The Legend of Neil is back!

The third and final web season of’s The Legend of Neil online series debuted this week! For those unfamiliar, the web series is a funny take on the first Legend of Zelda game, casting a greasy slacker (the aforementioned Neil, played by Tony Janning) as a reluctant and unbelieving Link.

Mixing the game’s obsolence with modern day cynicism and very coarse NSFW humor (just witness how he arrives in Hyrule in the first place) somehow works really well. I’ve come to like it more than The Guild, which began its fourth season last week. Both series share crew and cast, Felicia Day and Sandeep Parikh (“Zaboo” in the The Guild and The Legend of Neil’s creator) most prominently amongst them. Odds are if you’re watching one of these web shows, then you’ll like the other.

Chris Greenland is expecting the Fourth Doctor to come through that door up there any minute now.


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