Comic Con Roundup

Random randomness, celebrity epic epicness, and quotable quotes from Comic Con.

Choice Quotes

  • Adelle: “But those are space pirates, not pirate pirates.”
  • Unknown man: “This is weird, I don’t think I’ve seen this many people in my life.”
  • Me: “Oh my God, it’s like a sea of nerds.”
  • T-Shirt: “SCIENCE is SATAN spelled backwards.”
  • Aaron Douglas (the Chief on BSG) in response to a man who said he had only just watched BSG because he watched Caprica: “Have you been under a rock on Mars?” When said man later admitted he hadn’t watched BSG when it aired because he was busy watching Lost the entire audience and panel booed him off the mic. Douglas retorted, “We’re one audience member short of a cookout.”
  • Unknown woman asking the BSG/Caprica panel if there was going to be any BSG character crossover in season 2 of Caprica: “Are we gonna get a little Tom Zareck being angry in a day care?”
  • Me: “There’s a one-legged bubble man.”
  • China Miéville in regards to the state of contemporary Britishness: “We know we suck.”
  • Paul Cornell in response to why there was no market in the U.S. for Captain Britain: “To tell you the truth I wouldn’t pop down to my local shop and buy ’Captain Belgium’.”
  • Joel Stillerman (AMC’s senior VP) on handling The Walking Dead budget: “The eagle fucking screams we’re stretching the budget so much.”
  • From the “Axe Cop” comic: “Then they grew apple hands that could shoot apples.”
  • Me: “It’s Denny’s, dude. Everything’s covered in cheese.”
  • From The Cleveland Show: “Welcome to Comic Con! No virgins allowed. Just kidding. Can you imagine?”
  • Seth MacFarlane: “It’s bad enough those Twilight freaks think they own this place.” At that the entire audience cheered.
  • Seth MacFarlane: “Carl Reiner wrote a rap about fiscal responsibility.”
  • From The Cleveland Show: “Brought to you by Circuit City. There’s one left, come find us.”
  • Billy West as Fry (from the upcoming episode “Benderama”): “So that’s where baby sweaters come from!”
  • China Miéville in response to a fanboy inviting him to a party that night: “Will you be playing Beyoncé’s ’Single Ladies’?” He holds up his finger to show a lack of a ring.
  • Unknown kid: “We fight for justice. And pickles.”

Nerdgasms and Odd Moments

  • A chick with a movable owl puppet on her hand.
  • Two nerds arguing over an appropriate price for a Return of the Jedi poster.
  • A Stephen King Warhol print tee.
  • Baby Batman!
  • Xena wearing a Jayne hat
  • Seeing a million Tens and only one in the correct outfit (more irritating than nerdgasm, but whatever).
  • My friends and I, hanging out on the 15th floor of a hotel just trying to get some air and space from the hordes, watching sn older woman step out of the elevator with two baseball caps with fake curly hair attached, returning a few minutes later from whence she came, wig hats still in hand, and heading back downstairs.
  • Shortly after wig woman, as I’m bitching about the CSI comics, a man and a woman enter the elevator lobby area. Adelle suddenly starts mouthing “MICHAEL!” We all go silent trying to figure out who it is. All I can see is the back of his head and I’m fairly certain that Michael Sheen’s hair isn’t that light. The elevator doors open and the mystery Michael turns around and turns out to be none other than Michael C. Hall. We all go as still as Weeping Angels and try to look like we’re not staring. As soon as the doors close we collapse in a pile of laughter. For some reason Adelle’s brain went blank in the heat of the moment and she couldn’t remember his last name or what show he was on…even though all three of us were wearing lanyards with “Dexter” written all over them.
  • Robert Kirkman chatting with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost about zombies before his Thursday afternoon panel.
  • In a room surrounded by nerds in Jayne hats.
  • Zombie wearing a paper Jayne hat.
  • Mal wearing a Jayne hat.
  • Mmm…Spartans…
  • Hearing China Miéville read aloud his short story “The Rope Is the World.”
  • Seeing a guy dressed as the editor from Spider-Man but who really looked like Geraldo Rivera with a Hitler moustache.
  • Seeing about half of those ridiculously oversized Warner Bros. bags fall apart as the days progressed.
  • Getting our picture taken underneath He-Man.
  • Bear McCreary asking my about my Jayne hat.

Celebrity Sightings Off-Panel

By the way, the entire Flickr stream is here. In case you missed ’em, I also did write-ups on Day One, Day Two, and Day Three.

Alex Brown is an archivist in training, reference librarian by day, writer by night, and all around geek who watches entirely too much TV. She is prone to collecting out-of-print copies of books by Evelyn Waugh, Jane Austen, and Douglas Adams, probably knows far too much about pop culture than is healthy, and thinks her rats Hywel and Odd are the cutest things ever to exist in the whole of eternity. You can follow her on Twitter if you dare…


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