True Blood episode review: “Trouble”

Things are going to be a little short for me this week, as I leave for Comic-Con in the morning. Where, this year, I know I have zero chance of breathing the same air as the True Blood cast in attendance for the big HBO panel. I don’t think I like any piece of pop culture enough to wait on line for seven hours, not even Eric Northman.

Spoilers ahead.

Everyone finds some trouble in this week’s aptly-named episode, except for poor Terry who thinks he’s found something “normal” with Arlene and it breaks my heart.

Jason gets to know that crying, pretty blond girl from the sticks and they share a kiss and because it’s Jason, we know it’ll go south soon enough. Still not feeling this storyline. Jason’s a big whiny child and I think Andy owes him a bit for covering up Egg’s death, but Jason’s really starting to take advantage with this becoming-a-cop business.

Who else gets the feeling that something really unwholesome is going on between Joe Lee and Tommy Mickens? Something about wanting to keep his son around all the time creeps me out. Or maybe it was just the extremely ominous music that played when Sam and Tommy hopped into Sam’s truck. That was a really sudden change in tone. They were only driving to Merlotte’s! Lighten up, composer!

We were treated to another Eric flashback, circa Viking times, and we learned how personal his vendetta against Russell’s werewolves really is. I think Eric and Russell will team up to get rid of the Magistrate problem, but after that, Russell is toast. Talbot should live though. I hope. I loved every single flirty line he threw at Eric. Who can blame him, really?

But the true scene-stealer of the night belonged to Franklin. He’s really gone off the deep end as the most delusional, creepy, worst vampire boyfriend ever. But he was hilarious to watch as he texted Lafayette for a captive Tara, threw various hissy fits, offered to take Tara out for a romantic dinner at Shoney’s, and finally proposed to make Tara his eternal bride. The look on her face was priceless.

Bill may be playing bad (right?!) but how could he stand back and do nothing to help Sookie’s best friend? Then again, he did run off to see Sookie as soon as he heard she was sleeping with Alcide. Classic jerk move, right there. After what he did with Lorena and how he dumped Sookie over the phone, he’s got some nerve getting possessive now. But it was just to warn her that Russell’s coming for her. There’s “no hope” for him and Sookie. I kind of believe him on that. It would take a lot of forgiveness on Sookie’s part.

I want more Sookie and Alcide. The plot is spread so thin among all the cast, I feel like there’s a lot more this pair could be doing. And not just the obvious. Because there’s definitely some mutual attraction there. And they both have serious problems with their evil exes. Debbie is one nasty bitch. I can’t wait to see that fight. With or without Sookie’s magical white light powers.

All in all, a decent episode made much better by Franklin going completely mental.

Some good stuff:

  • Jessica glamoring Arlene’s customers so they won’t tip her.
  • Sookie: “I’m not gonna die because of your shitty girlfriend and a Mississippi pothole!”
  • Jesus asking Lafayette to a movie. A happy couple? Yes, please! Also, Lafayette’s geisha look.
  • Franklin: “Don’t say that. Woman say [we need to talk], everything goes black and I wake up surrounded by body parts.”

Theresa DeLucci is a graduate of the 2008 Clarion West Writers’ Worshop. her short fiction has appeared in Chizine, Morbid Outlook, and Tear magazine. She probably would wait in line for seven hours to see the True Blood panel if she didn’t have booth duty.


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