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I Speak for the Trolls

I’ve been kicking around the idea of writing a new paranormal series, in addition to the Guardians of Destiny series.

The prospect of starting a new project is always exciting, but before brainstorming characters and plots, I thought it’d be wise to check in with my agent, knowing she’d have intel on what my publisher is looking for. You don’t want to spend your time writing proposals for leprechaun stories when editors want mermaids, you know?

My agent: Your editor said they don’t need more vampires or demons, but everything else is fair game.

Me, excited: Awesome! Because I have this idea I’ve been toying with. I think it could be really great.

My agent, growing excited too: Really? What is it?

Me, proudly: Trolls.

My agent:

Me: Think about it. Trolls are seriously under-represented in popular literature.

My agent:

Me: Hello? Are you still there? Did the call drop?

My agent: No, I’m here.

Me: You were blown away by the thought of a series about a family of trolls, weren’t you? No one’s written about trolls yet. We’d be the first.

My agent: Kate, there may be a reason for that.

Me: Like that no one is as brilliant as us?

My agent: More like that trolls aren’t sexy.

Me, taken aback: Who says they aren’t sexy?

My agent, using her diplomatic voice: Well, classically they live under bridges and are known to be foul-tempered. They aren’t known for being hot.

Me: I think I can create a hot troll.

My agent: If anyone could, it’d be you, Kate. But while I think all your ideas are fantastic, I’m not sure other people will see your genius. Why don’t we brainstorm some other ideas, just in case?

Needless to say, I’m a little bummed.

Wouldn’t you read a story about a troll? Or is there another little-represented flavor of paranormal you’d like to see more? This inquiring mind wants to know.

Troll photo manipulation by Doug Wildman

As a little girl, Kate Perry dreamt of many things. Like becoming a ninja. Dressing up in black and carrying a big sword? Seemed like a no brainer. However, Fate had other plans for her, and she studied Kung Fu San Soo instead. A Kung Fu Master, Kate now has more weapons than she ever imagined—including several swords.

She lives in San Francisco. Voted by her friends as the woman they’d most want to stroll with down a dark alley, Kate’s as likely to be spotted at the opera as she is doing tai chi in Golden Gate Park. Usually wearing black—in both cases. You can also find her at her website or on Twitter.


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