NASA Finds Doctor Who-style Crack in Universe

If you’ve been following the current season of Doctor Who then you know all about the crack in space-time that has been following Amy and The Doctor around wherever they go, wiping out events and all memory of them.

On the show, that time-devouring crack has a signature shape and looks like this:

So it’s a bit worrisome that NASA imaged the same thing on June 4th. That picture up top? That’s a huge tear in the Milky Way. According to NASA:

The snake-like object located about 11,000 light-years away in the constellation Sagittarius is actually the core of a thick, sooty cloud large enough to swallow dozens of solar systems and may be harboring beastly stars in the process of forming. [emphasis mine]

The season finale of Doctor Who runs in the U.K. this Saturday. I hope the Doctor can get us out of this one.

(Original story located on Daily Dust, which also has cute video of Steven Moffat’s son interviewing him about the current season.)

Chris Greenland does not condone burning down the observatory so this will never happen again.


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