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Come discuss another bloody good episode of HBO’s True Blood. Spoilers and ponderings and flashbacks after the cut.

There’s still a lot of plot going on in the South. This week, we met a ton of new people who are sure to become important to the season’s many happenings.

Let’s start off with my new favorite couple, Russell the vampire King of Mississippi and his lover Talbot. Kind of interesting to note that vampire royalty tends to be gay. I assume it’s a book thing and not an Alan Ball thing. But that’s pretty much the only similarity between this king and the Queen of Louisiana, Sophie-Ann. Well, that and a fondness for huge, luxurious mansions. You can’t help but notice a character who shows up on a white horse, even though Bill didn’t really need rescuing from those werewolves. I bet this isn’t the last we see of Cooter. (Yup, go ahead and laugh. Cooter.)

So Russell wants Bill to help him marry Sophie-Ann, in a bid to combine the two states for more power. Clearly not for love because Talbot is the best at running a household. Silver Moroccan doors decorating your jail cells and multi-course blood feasts—what more could a rich vampire king want in a spouse? The most intriguing course to me was probably the blood gelato. Bet it tastes better than that HBO-issued Tru Blood soda. To be fair, cough syrup tastes better than that. Anyway…

While Bill is away, another new vampire, Franklin, visits his house and snoops. Again, not too familiar with the books, but it seems like Bill was given orders from the Queen to court Sookie? Everyone wants Sookie! For some reason or another. My guess is when she finds out, she’ll be all indignant even though it’s pretty obvious that whatever may have been Bill’s original intent when he first walked into Merlotte’s, he genuinely loves her now. And then she’ll take Eric up on his offer of hot sex. Because that’s the kind of silly girl Sookie is. And Eric is… Eric.

The Mickens family introduction seemed really brief: Mama Mickens is weepy, Papa Mickens is an angry ex-con and not a shifter and Tommy has a huge chip on his shoulder and doesn’t like having a new brother. To the point of maybe trying to get Sam, in collie-form, hit by a truck. A bit extreme, no? How can anyone not like Sam? Mystifying. I hope this plot moves along a bit. Curious to see how this will fit into the bigger picture.

Jason continues to struggle with his Eggs-related demons, but he’s still Jason because he chased down a pretty blonde. We didn’t learn her name yet. Is she some kind of supernatural creature, too? Like Santa and Bigfoot?

Lastly, we met Jesus, an orderly taking care of Lafayette’s mentally ill mom. Yeah, I know Lafayette’s going to visit his mom way more often now. Jesus hardly said anything, but he’s cute and patient, so I approve of him as a boyfriend for Lafayette already. Lafayette is just amazingly great. I feel his love and concern for Tara so clearly. He’s more of a big brother to Tara than Jason is to Sookie. And a lot wiser, too. But, damn! You’d think he’d keep a closer eye on Tara. Drinking and hanging with a vampire? Tara is clearly not done with being self-destructive. I can’t see any good coming from her messing around with Franklin.

Some questions and highlights:

Jessica, wouldn’t it be better to buy a chainsaw for dismembering your victims? Renting’s a good option for a lot of things, but personally I’d want to splurge if I needed to get rid of evidence.

Can Lorena please be dead? Like, for real, all-the-way dead? She’s an annoying character. Bill dumped her over a century ago! Move on.

Godric in a flashback! Good to see him as we got a little more history on werewolves. Also interesting are the werewolves working for a vampire, hooked on his blood. Is that how Russell keeps his werewolves loyal? Where was he during World War II?

Lastly, everyone and their mom has probably seen Snoop Dogg’s ode to Sookie, but for the one person who hasn’t, it’s here.

Theresa DeLucci is a graduate of the 2008 Clarion West Writers’ Worshop. her short fiction has appeared in Chizine, Morbid Outlook, and Tear magazine.


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