Stop what you’re doing: New Scott Pilgrim trailer

New Scott Pilgrim trailer new Scott Pilgrim trailer new Scott Pilgrim trailer! Over the weekend about a hundred thousand of you became fans of the Scott Pilgrim movie page on Facebook and in return for such devotion, director Edgar Wright released the new movie trailer a week early.

So, okay, a new trailer. That often happens with exciting summer movies, especially comic book-related blockbusters. This one has a little more going for it, though, in that A.) It’s tremendous fun and B.) It tackles the biggest hesitance that fans of the Scott Pilgrim series are holding. One that could make or break the movie through word of mouth alone.

Namely, can Michael Cera bust out of his low-energy persona and make us believe he is Scott Pilgrim?

The answer is an emphatic yes. To me, anyway. Why don’t you see for yourself?

(WARNING: Trailer contains spoilers for all of the books, including the upcoming final volume.)

Chris Greenland would use subspace mostly for commuting purposes and only occasionally for climactic duels.


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