What else has he got two of?

My roommate has been catching up on season one of newWho and I’m halfway through episode 6 of newnewWho, so I paused to bring some Doctor Who into all your lives. Starting Tuesday, May 18th, for one week, this song will be available as a free download from parrygripp.com:

I’m totally loving the video too though; very silly, great pictures of the Ood (whom my roommate hasn’t met yet! Can you believe it?) and tiny adorable Theta, plus some great oldwho references.

Aliens that look like vampires? Seriously? Didn’t we deal with this back in “State of Decay” while we were still rocking the scarf? I will admit though, I think I fell in love with Matt Smith as the Doctor right around the time he made adorable vampire face at Rory and Amy. That was six more episodes than it took me to fall for Eccleston or Tennant, but I got there! I think I’m liking the whole slightly more ridiculous, RTD-style filler episodes here because they let the Doctor shine a little more.

Nina Lourie is, obviously, watching Doctor Who and, less obviously, rocking out to this amazing mashup of 2009 pop songs that she dares you not to love. She’d be ashamed, but she’s too busy rocking out.


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