Tor Books B-Day Giveaway: Wheel of Time Posters

“Hey,” I hear you say with my magic internet-hearing powers, “I know those images. Those are the new Wheel of Time ebook covers. But why are they so tiny? That’s terrible! I can’t see how awesome they are when they’re so tiny!”

Well, they’re tiny because if I broke our three-column layout, designer Jamie Stafford-Hill would have my head on an ashandarei. But I can fix this, and here’s where the Tor Books birthday comes in: for twenty years of Tor’s thirty, the Wheel of Time has been there for us, and now we’d like the Wheel of Time ebook covers to be there for you, in lovely poster form.

Which is to say, one person will win a set of 14 x 16 posters of all the covers published so far, up through Crown of Swords.

The Rules: All you have to to do be entered is comment on this post—once; duplicates won’t count—by noon EST on Wednesday, April 28th. The winner will be chosen randomly. Please check your email on Wednesday or Thursday; if I don’t hear back from you in 24 hours, another winner will be chosen.


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