JordanCon Invades Atlanta!

After successfully naming the Dark One last week, I’m back to remind the inner Wheel of Time fan in each of you that you are missing out on the greatest WoT event of the year: JordanCon. For the second year in a row, Team Jordan is here again to make each panel memorable: from Harriet McDougal, the editor and wife of the late Robert Jordan, to Maria Simons, the continuity editor and longtime assistant to Robert Jordan (our very own real life Brown Ajah!), these are the most accessible and humble professionals you’ll ever meet.

Not a Wheel of Time fan? Who cares! JordanCon may be dedicated to the discussion of all facets of the Wheel of Time world created by Robert Jordan, but we have writer workshops for aspiring writers, led by best-selling author Brandon Sanderson and award-winning author Jana Oliver. Come check it out; we know you will enjoy our fanboy (and fangirl) energy. And of course, don’t miss the fan favorite and editor of, David Wong!

So, what are Wheel of Time fans to do when they’re missing out on the greatest WoT event of the year? Other than cry a bit pitifully, they can watch streaming video, follow along on Twitter, and catch up with blog posts and photos. So if you’re not able to attend JordanCon this weekend, we feel for you, we really do—and that’s why we’re going to make it a bit easier for you by providing you with everything you need to stay informed.

Video Coverage
You can watch streaming video of three of our key events this weekend. Visit for the following coverage and discussion, or watch the live feed here on

  • Friday, April 23, 2010
    “Opening Ceremonies” at 1:00 PM ET—Catch a glimpse of this year’s featured guests and staff, and find out what’s in store for this weekend.
    “An Hour with Brandon Sanderson” at 2:30 PM ET—Listen as our Guest of Honor talks about The Wheel of Time, The Way of Kings, and more…
  • Saturday, April 24, 2010
    “The Future of The Franchise: Movies, Outriggers, and Graphic Novels, oh my!” at 11:30 AM ET. Guests Harriet McDougal, Jason Denzel, and Melissa Craib will discuss what is coming up for the Wheel of Time franchise.

Live Twitter Feeds



Brandon Sanderson



Portal Stones

Fan Sites and News Updates

JordanCon Forum Discussions

Theoryland Forum

Dragonmount Community Board


Brandon Sanderson’s Blog

In addition, you’ll find even more JordanCon panels and activities posted on YouTube after the event. Once the videos are uploaded, you can also find the list at

Finally, a special note to Padra—thanks for letting me borrow your list of links!

“Graendal wasn’t in Caemlyn!” -Tamyrlin

Matt is the Creator, Lord of the Board, Benevolent Dictator and all around Hardest Working Lazy-Ass of If you can help it, don’t miss him in all of his Asmodeanite glory at JordanCon this weekend (April 23-25) in Atlanta. Of course, there are much better reasons to be there, such as Brandon Sanderson, David Wong, Jana G. Oliver and tons of fellow fan freaks.


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