True Facts of the Science! #4

A panel of ten-year-old scientists determined after an intense afternoon-long investigation that magnets are awesome. Initially interested in measuring the funness (or funth) of sodium bicarbonate reacting to acetic acid, the team found that while frothy volcanoes were “pretty neat,” the funth was short lived. Magnets, however, “are cool because they don’t run out of power and you can do weird stuff to TVs and they make little force fields if you flip one around so you can push it like you have magic and you can pick stuff up with them and you can’t do that with baking soda even though you can make cookies with baking soda and not with magnets” (“That’s Whycome Magnets are Awesome,” Bobby, Veronica, et. al.).

Noted furniture psychic Flora Spoils was born in her home town of São Paulo, Wyoming, where she teaches shibari knitting to the elderly.


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