Beating Caprica Withdrawal

I think I’ve become unhealthily addicted to Caprica. Only a two-hour pilot and two regular episodes in, and it’s killing me that there was no new episode to dissect here this week. It’s especially difficult with the promise of hot group marriage bedroom action being flaunted in the previews for the next episode!

However, I’m choosing to look at the bright side and see this week’s Caprica drought as a positive thing. First, those of you who haven’t yet watched the show have until Friday to get completely caught up. Find four hours this week, cuddle up to, and watch this show. You won’t regret it. I mean, you might regret it if you’re one of those weirdos who doesn’t like great writing or sexy people…

To pass the time this week, though, I thought I’d bring up an important question regarding some of Caprica’s main characters. So saddle up, and get ready for an engaging debate. Ready?

Richie Cunningham

Potsie Weber

The Fonz


**Caprica returns this Friday, the 19th, at 9:00PM ET**

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