Post A Story For Haiti

Ladies and gentlemen,

This is “Post A Story For Haiti.”

In an effort to encourage support for the relief efforts in Haiti, Crossed Genres is collecting links to free stories online made available by their respective authors. That’s right, completely free. No sign-in, no log-in, no payment, nothing. Just links upon links to amazing short stories. There are many familiar faces on the list of contributed stories, and probably some new people you will be delighted to learn about.

All they ask in return is that while you are enjoying this amazing fiction, you support the relief efforts in Haiti by donating to a charity of your choice that is involved in helping the Haitian people in their time of need. It is an extremely important cause, so please help however you can, and while you are at it, enjoy the free online fiction.

G. D. Falksen’s contribution to the initiative is The Mask of Tezcatlipoca, which originally appeared in Issue One of Steampunk Tales.  More information on Falksen can be found at his Twitter and website.


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