Kage Baker is very ill

Kage Baker is very ill, and would like cards, emails, prayers, and good thoughts.

Email to: materkb [at] gmail [dot] com—it’ll be printed out and read to her.

Cards to: Kage Baker 331 Stimson, Apt. B, Pismo Beach CA 93449.

Kage is the author of the brilliant Company series about time travel, history and the effects the past and present have on each other—they start with In the Garden of Iden. Ellen Kushner said about them this morning for people starting them now: “how I envy you not having to wait a year or two or seven to find out how it all comes out!” She also wrote the unusual fantasies The Anvil of the World and The House of the Stag and YA The Hotel Under the Sand, as well as some of the best short stories in the genre in the last ten years. Full bibliography here.

I’ve never met her. I always felt she was someone who might do something amazing at any moment, and even if I didn’t enjoy a particular novel or story I could admire it, and admire her range and originality and ambition. Her career was full of award nominations and it’s painful to see it cut short this way.

They’re saying it’s time to say goodbye and it’ll be a miracle if she lasts another six months—so if you’ve enjoyed her books and stories, send a card or an email, and if you haven’t been lucky enough to discover her thus far, this is a great time to buy one of her books and send a message that way.


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