December Belongs To Cthulhu

The Lovecraftian Art of Miss Monster

Melita “Mel” Curphy, better known as Miss Monster, is one of the most remarkable artists one can have the pleasure of finding. Her art is lively and rich in composition, and every curve and line give the impression of actual animation, even life. Her range of content is remarkable, but no matter how diverse her portfolio, each piece retains the unique style found in all of Miss Monster’s work.  From a Lovecraftian perspective, her work is of special interest. Several of her pieces are actual depictions of Lovecraftian figures, while still others feel as if they could have walked, crawled, flown or swam directly out of the Mythos.

The header piece here is a stunning demonic creature, or perhaps a fallen angel. Yet rather than be content simply with horns and wings, Miss Monster has graced the figure with a head full of vibrant tentacles that seem almost to twist and wriggle before one’s very eyes. Such a creature is surely the same sort of fiend that inspires tales of devils and the like in Lovecraft’s superstitious, witch-haunted New England towns.



A more straightforward example of Lovecraftian art, the red and green Cthulhus form an eerie matched pair. The inhuman stare in their eyes is overwhelming, and their floating tentacles seem ready to snatch up the hapless viewer at any moment.

The green sea monster is perhaps more benign and whimsical than the average Deep One, but nevertheless it is a remarkable vision of life in the rolling deeps. With its energy and liveliness, this is the sort of creature that would make the sunken city of Y’ha-nthlei a lovely, if maddening, place to visit.

Though utterly cute and not in the least bit horrific, I cannot help but think of the Valentines monster as being the most adorable byakhee ever drawn. Clearly, this creature wants nothing more than to arrive from the depths of outer space, give you a great big hug, and then carry you off to bear witness to things that you cannot and must not recall. Can you really say no to a face like that? I know I can’t.

G. D. Falksen is an author who thinks he may have found his new Lovecraftian muse. More information about him can be found at his website ( and his Twitter (

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