December Belongs To Cthulhu

I Speak Fluent Giraffe: Rudolph, the Pink-Skinned Deep One


Rudolph, the Pink-Skinned Deep One

Rudolph, the pink-skinned Deep One (Deep One!)
had some very rosy skin. (Like a human!)
And if you ever saw him, (Yuck!)
you would even hate his fins. (Like Bologna!)

All of the other Deep Ones (Deep Ones!)
used to laugh and call him names. (Like Sea Monkey!)
They never let poor Rudolph (Pinko!)
join in any Deep One games. (Like water polo!)

Then one shadowy Innsmouth eve
Dagon came to say:
“Rudolph with your skin so pink,
won’t you bring me chum to drink?”

Then all the Deep Ones loved him (Platonically!)
as they shouted out with glee, (Ftaghn!)
Rudolph the Pink-Skinned Deep One,
you’ll go down in history! (Like Crawford Tillinghast!)

Illustration by Brian Elig.
(Click on image above to see full scale.)

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