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I Speak Fluent Giraffe: At the Libs of Madness

At the Libs of Madness

When age [verb past tense] upon [a place], and wonder went out of the [plural body part] of men; when [colour] [plural noun] reared to [adjective] skies tall [plural noun] [adjective] and [adjective], in whose shadow [number] might [verb] of the [astronomical body] or of spring’s [gerund] meads; when learning [adjective] earth of [pronoun] mantle of [noun], and [person in the room] sang no more save of [adjective] phantoms seen with bleared and inward-[gerund] [plural body part]; when these [plural noun] had come to pass, and childish hopes had [verb past tense] away forever, there was a [animal] who travelled [preposition] life on a [noun] into the spaces whither the world’s [plural noun] had [verb past tense].

* * *

We were [gerund] on a dilapidated seventeenth-century [noun] in the [adjective] afternoon of an [adjective] day at the old burying-ground in [place in New England], and [gerund] about the [noun]. Looking [preposition] the giant [plant] in the [noun in British spelling] of the [place], whose [noun] has nearly [verb past tense] an ancient, illegible [noun], I had made a [adjective] remark about the [adjective] and [adjective] nourishment which the [adjective] [plural noun] must be [gerund] in from that hoary, charnel [place]; when [a person in the room] chided me for such [adjective] and told me that since no [plural noun] had occurred there for over a [period of time], nothing could [adverb] exist [infinitive verb] the [noun] in other than an ordinary [noun].

* * *

In a dream [celebrity] saw the [noun] in the valley, and the sea-coast beyond, and the [adjective] peak overlooking the [noun], and the [adverb] painted [plural noun] that [verb] out of the [noun] toward the distant [plural nouns] where the [noun] meets the [noun]. In a [noun] it was also that he came by his name of [celebrity], for when awake he was [verb past tense] by another [noun]. Perhaps it was [adjective] for him to [verb] a new [noun]; for he was the last of his [noun], and [adjective] among the [adjective] [number] of [city], so there were not many to [verb] to him and [verb] him who he had been.

Illustration by Brian Elig.
(Click on image above to see full scale.)

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