Short Fiction Announcements

There are many exciting short-fiction-related happenings going on this month! First, Jetse de Vries is running a competition related to his forthcoming anthology of optimistic (hence the photo) science fiction, Shine. He’s taken excerpts from stories to be published in Shine, and you have to select the correct ending to the excerpt from four choices. You get one point for each correct answer and can earn an additional point if you can guess the author. More details on the rules are available here. And, being a competition, there are prizes to be won. Jetse has done a number of fun things while ramping up to the release date of the anthology, and this is just one more. The contest ends on December 15 so get cracking!

The second item comes from Gavin Grant and Kelly Link’s Small Beer Press. I’ll quote from their site:

It’s time for our once-every-ten-years end-of-the-decade sale and this year we’re donating a portion of the proceeds to Franciscan Children’s Hospital where our daughter, Ursula, has lived for the past couple of months.

Not only can you get some discounted books, you can help a good cause. Small Beer Press publishes some really interesting stuff including the Interfictions anthologies and short-fiction collections from writers like Kelly Link, John Kessel, Benjamin Rosenbaum, and the forthcoming Holly Black collection. They’re one publisher that I know I can pick up a title unreservedly, no matter how little I know about it, and love the book. Gavin and Kelly will donate $1 from each book bought at their sale. Additionally, if you choose to purchase the book at cover price, they will donate the entire difference between the cover price and the sale price to the Franciscan Children’s Hospital. Now that’s a good deal for everyone involved.

Last, I’ve talked in the past about Wheatland Press and the Polyphony anthology series. It’s one of my favorite recent anthology series, and I was disappointed when it was put on hiatus. Right now, publisher Deborah Layne is looking for some pre-orders to ensure getting the book printed. Polyphony 7 features some exciting writers like Howard Waldrop, Brendan Connell, George Zebrowski, Bruce Holland Rogers, Steve Rasnic Tem, Micheala Roessner, Ken Scholes, and Josh Rountree among others. I know I want the series to continue and I hope we can get enough of us together to get this next volume out.

I know that I gave a lot of different things for people to consider, but hopefully there’s a little something for everyone.

[Image from Flickr user Robert Banh; CC licensed for commercial use; image cropped by John Klima]

John Klima is the editor of the Hugo-winning zine Electric Velocipede and the forthcoming science fiction and fantasy fairy tale reprint anthology Happily Ever After.


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