Saturday Morning Cartoons

Saturday morning cartoons; “The Dog Who Was a Cat Inside” and “Going West”

The Dog Who Was a Cat Inside: Pretty much what the title says…. Except the the title doesn’t say just how incredibly lonely and charming and sad and sweet it is. Nor does it express how beautifully designed it is. (3:13 minutes)

Going West: Get lost in a book. Incredible cut paper work. Just amazing. What starts as a straight forward reading becomes abstracted and emotive as the movie goes on—making you feel the source material rather than simply follow the plot. (2:11 minutes)

The Dog Who Was A Cat Inside
Siri Melchior

(Watch larger and higher resolution here.)

Going West
Andersen M Studio


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Irene Gallo is the art drector for Tor, Forge, and Starscape book and


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