Ray Bradbury’s Theory of Flight

This week’s Bradbury interview exposes an unlikely fear for a master of literary space travel: flight. The author shares how, after finishing his work on Spaceship Earth at Epcot Center in 1982, he was forced to confront his phobia. “I wasn’t afraid of flying; I was just afraid of me,” he reflects.

Today marks the sixth in our series of seven interviews with Ray Bradbury on the visual nature of his fiction, the art of collaboration and the process of writing. Just tuning in? Don’t miss last week’s segment, in which the author discusses adaptations of his work into plays, films and graphic novels.

If you just can’t get enough Bradbury (and really, who can?), check out our serialization of Tim Hamilton’s graphic novel version of Fahrenheit 451. This striking adaptation from Hill & Wang includes a new foreword by Bradbury and even an iPhone app.


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