Letters from Abroad: The Witch’s Guide to Cooking with Children Giveaway

Where has the time gone? This is the last letter from abroad (Vienna, Austria, to be exact). I didn’t really get a chance to talk about my book, but you can read about it on my website. [Hint: the first line is I love children. Eating them, that is.] I leave you with a small anecdote: I once asked my high school physics class in South Central Los Angeles, for extra credit, what they thought Einstein meant by his famous quote: Imagination is more important than knowledge.

And one student, Maria Reyes, wrote: A child has a lot of imagination but very little knowledge, so maybe Einstein meant that the way a child thinks is very important. Maria always was brilliant and she convinced me right there of her point. One way to rephrase Einstein’s quote is: Think like a child.

It’s time for The Witch’s Guide to Cooking with Children giveaway! Maybe it will bring out the child in you, or perhaps copies will end wrapped up for kids themselves (so they know what to do if they ever meet the witch who eats children!). Whatever path each may take, one thing I’m sure of is it will be an unexpected one.

Signing off from abroad… Sincerely, Keith McGowan

Keith McGowan is the debut author of The Witch’s Guide to Cooking with Children, which was named an “inspired recommendation for children” by independent bookstores nationwide, and well reviewed by the New Yorker Books Department online which called it a “literary treat” offering “humor that will delight and challenge the inquisitive youngster.”


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