Dances of Vice: The Grand Shipwreck Ball

Come the end of November, I will be attending the third Dances of Vice Festival in New York City. The event, which takes place from November 20th through 22nd, looks to be great fun. Focused around an adventurous nautical theme, this “Grand Shipwreck Ball” will combine the thrill and wonder of the Age of Exploration with the opulence of European empire.

For those of you who are not familiar with Dances of Vice, it is a club night run by the very charming Shien Lee, and features periodic theme events like the Shipwreck Ball. Dances of Vice is a lovely blend of gothic decadence, Rococo fantasy and sensual fairytale rarely seen in this day and age. Speaking from experience (I have attended both of the previous DoV festivals as well as several of the regular nights), I can say that Dances of Vice is truly a haven for fops and debutantes, cavaliers and courtesans. It goes without saying that I for one am looking forward to the Grand Shipwreck Ball with great anticipation.

More information on Dances of Vice in general can be found at their website; the Grand Shipwreck Ball can be found here.

G. D. Falksen enjoys gothic fantasy, grand balls and any excuse for a smashing party. The historian in him is looking forward to seeing Fort Hamilton firsthand at the event. More details about him can be found at his website,, and his Twitter,



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