Ray Bradbury on Adaptation

Welcome to another installment of Bradbury Thursdays! Today the SF master reflects on the collaborations in which he’s engaged to transfer his fiction to stage, screen and panel. The author strives to strike a balance between his vision of the work and that of the director or visual artist who brings it to a new medium. Some of these collaborations work better for Bradbury than others. In this segment he notes his frustration with some of François Truffaut’s choices with his film adaptation of Fahrenheit 451.

Today marks the fifth in our series of seven interviews with Ray Bradbury on the visual nature of his fiction. Just tuning in? Check out last week’s segment, in which the author discusses his writing process.

The release of these videos closely follows our serialization of Tim Hamilton’s graphic novel adaptation of Fahrenheit 451. Don’t miss this remarkable new vision from Hill & Wang, which, besides stunning artwork, includes a new foreword by Bradbury and even an iPhone app.


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