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A New Car With Some Old-Fashioned Hardware

I’m not a car person, possibly because I can’t drive the beastly things, and I’ve never been able to get excited over the fine distinction between the beautiful curve of this fender or the elegance of the other…I dunno…other car part.

That’s why I love concept cars. They’re blatant, out there, and often science-fictional. Remember the one that could change shape?! That was, like, a mutant car. I understand mutants.

This new concept car from Toyota, the FT-EVII, has a sleek and steampunky interior: “The traditional wheel and pedal controls have been replaced by a gilded mechanical joystick contraption that would look appropriate on a Victorian-era rocket ship.” This video from the Tokyo Motor Show has some clips with the FT-EVII, as well as the joystick-controlled “single-person transporter,” the iReal. A glimpse inside the cab of the H.M.S Stubbington, perhaps?

(via Engadget)

Megan Messinger is a production assistant at, a job which thankfully does not require her to drive.


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