A Game of Thrones Cast (Nearly) Complete!

HBO’s adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s seminal A Song of Ice and Fire series (shooting title: A Game of Thrones) is set to begin production next week. I guess it’s good news that all but one or two roles are cast, then! (The search for an epic number of extras continues, with Martin himself putting out a call on his blog to interested parties. Note to skilled horse-riders who might be hanging around Belfast next week: things are looking up for you!)

Fan site The Tower of the Hand has an exhaustive list of Dramatis Personae up already, with a gorgeous cast gallery that gives a hint of the eye candy to come. I’m especially impressed with the casting of the Stark kids, who look like exactly the sort of genetic-lottery-winners that one would expect of the spawn of Sean Bean and Jennifer Ehle.

Lena Headey, a relatively A-list pick in this list of character actors, has been discussed before, but despite some misgivings I continue to hope she’ll pull through in the part. I’m less sure about Jamie Campbell Bower as Waymar Royce, only because of his blandtacular performance in Sweeney Todd and his questionable taste in being part of the Twilight Saga. Dude, you are on notice. Everyone else on this cast list: you’re good to go. Get to it!

Martin mentions there are still one or two castings left to be revealed, but if even Ros the Whore (a pilot-episode write-in extra) has already been cast, I’m guessing that the major arcana was settled on a while ago and they’re just rolling it out to sweeten the suspense.

What do you think? Is anyone just the way you’ve always imagined, or does someone’s casting break your heart like finding out Liv Tyler was Arwen?

Genevieve will watch almost anything with Sean Bean, Mark Addy, and Jennifer Ehle in it. She audits other graduates of Awesome British Actor Camp on her blog.


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