Steampunk Month

Gears Good Enough to Eat

The addictive blog CakeWrecks, which usually showcases horrifying mishaps, also does awesome cakes on Sundays, and last Sunday was steampunk cakes day! How deliciously timely.

One of the reasons I love steampunk is that you can’t go down to Steampunks-“?”-Us for all your retrofuturistic needs, so the whole ethos is one of creativity and can-do. The cakes on CakeWrecks were all made by professionals, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t try this at home (perhaps using those poisonous and wonderful silver sprinkles that look like little ball-bearings?).

This is my favorite from the CakeWrecks Round-Up, made by Mike’s Amazing Cakes, from exoskeletoncabaret’s Flickr stream.


I found this one bopping around Google; close-ups here at Adventures in Cake Decorating.


And, even if you don’t have mad baking and decorating skills, you can join the fun with steampunk cake toppers, photographed here by Mike Hulsebus:

Here comes the bride…and there she goes…in a zeppelin!


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