Two New Anthologies from John Joseph Adams

Prolific editor John Joseph Adams has two new reprint anthologies, one out now and one on the horizon. Out now is By Blood We Live, an anthology of vampire stories featuring work by writers like Kelley Armstrong, Anne Rice, Tad Williams, L.A. Banks, Garth Nix, and more, including an original story from Night Watch author Sergei Lukyanenko. As he’s done in the past, Adams has posted a bunch of free fiction from the anthology.

Coming in September is Adams’ Sherlock Holmes anthology The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. You can look forward to stories from Stephen King, Naomi Novik, Stephen Baxter, Neil Gaiman, Anthony Burgess, and more. Again, Adams has put together a selection of free fiction from the anthology.

Both sites also include the introductions and other non-fiction from the anthologies, as well as interviews with many of the authors in which they discuss the stories behind their stories.

Adams hasn’t been editing anthologies for very long (his first came out in 2008, but he will have nine anthologies under his belt by 2011), but their quality is consistently excellent. I expect these anthologies to live up to his previous efforts.

John Klima is the editor of the Hugo-winning speculative fiction zine Electric Velocipede.


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