The Lord of the Rings Reread

LotR re-read: open thread, verse & what would you do? edition

This week we’re going to WorldCon in Montréal, and I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that it is physically impossible to do everything that must be done while still writing a chapter re-read post.

So, let’s have an open thread. I have two suggestions from friends to kick things off:

First, Pam suggests that retelling a favorite scene as a limerick or haiku. Or hey, if you can manage other verse forms, go ahead: if you compose a good double dactyl, I will declare you to have officially Won the Internets for the day.

Second, Janni Lee Simner wants to know, “Would you really not take that thing? Even if it lay by the highway?”

With regard to the first, as I’ve mentioned here before, I have almost no ear for verse—and no ability whatsoever to write it. So I will spare you all my attempts to cast a scene from LotR in poetry.

As for the second . . . well, I have never really had fantasies of ruling the world, even when I play the “if I found a magic lamp” game. And in a weird way, I think that being a lawyer is a good reality check against the idea that if I just am careful enough and word things precisely and have good intentions, it’ll all work out. So I’d like to think I wouldn’t.

However, if you’d asked me when my father was dying, for instance, I am much less confident in my willpower and good sense.

What about you all?

(I will have Internet access at the con and will check in as often as I can, so don’t trash the place while I’m gone.)

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Kate Nepveu is, among other things, an appellate lawyer, a spouse and parent, and a woman of Asian ancestry. She also writes at her LiveJournal and booklog.


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