Makers Tile Game, 3×3 iteration now live

I’m happy to announce that the Makers Tile Game has been updated today to its 3 x 3-tile iteration. You can reach it by either hitting the in-line link int he previous sentence, or by clicking on the Makers Tile Game graphic on our “Featured on” sidebar, to the right.

In addition to more tiles, the boys at Malloc Media have also made a few improvements to the UI, taking into consideration both user feedback and internal ideas. To wit: we’ve integrated a function for zooming in from the original 2 x 2 iteration o the new 3 x 3 matrix and back (and to subsequent iterations, of course); we’ve added the ability to turn off the heavy red outline around the active tile by clicking anywhere off the game board; and we’ve added the ability to save your compositions as a Jpeg file to your desktop. We’ve also tightened up the gaps between tiles, so that you don’t see any outlines on the game board—you get to see precisely how the tiles match up.

I hope you’ll enjoy this game as we move forward, continue adding more tiles, and further refining the user experience. Have fun, and happy making!


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