MacVampire Production Diary: That’s a Wrap!

It’s done! It’s in! Thank you for joining me on the journey from zero to movie in sixteen days. I’m tempted to make excuses here for tiny things about finished product, most of which were due to me being a spaz, but I’m just going to say that it was hellishly fun and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Without too much more ado, I present “Blood Will Have Blood,” a tale of the Hunted made on a borrowed Flip Mino HD, filmed mostly in public places, costumed (and armed!) from our closets and peopled by our friends—undead proof that anyone can make a vampire movie.

Judging takes place tomorrow! Rate and comment if you want me to win $1000 so I can take these hardworking actors out drinking.

But wait, theres more! Stay tuned for “I Accidentally Slept With a Prostitute,” or, The Blooper Reel.


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