Star Wars Writer Aaron Allston Needs Your Help

In my inbox, a shout for help from literary agent Colleen Lindsay:

Aaron Allston is best known for the long string of New York Times-bestselling Star Wars novels that he’s written for Del Rey Books. He’s also a game designer and an independent filmmaker.

A couple of months ago, while in the middle of a book tour, Aaron suffered a massive heart attack and had to have emergency quadruple-bypass surgery. Aaron’s heart problems were compounded by the fact that he is a diabetic. You can read the details here. Although Aaron came through his surgery and rehab with flying colors, he’s now faced with a new dilemma: Like many writers, Aaron has no health insurance. His medical bills are staggering and he needs our help.

The Fandom Association of Central Texas has set up The Aaron Allston Donation Fund and Auction, a 501(c)(3) organization that exists to collect donations for Aarons’ medical bills.

So go check it out, and if you can lend a hand, please consider doing so. Lack of health care is one of the main reasons some American authors feel the need to keep their day jobs (read: less writing time), and it’s the brave soul who decides to strike out and go solo. When things like this happen, it’s a sad fact that people need to rely on their community and donations, but it’s a fact nonetheless.


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