Time is Running Out!

As has been noted elsewhere online, the deadlines for Hugo voting and World Fantasy Award nomination are near!

The World Fantasy Award nominations are due/must be postmarked June 30, 2009. You are eligible to submit nominations if you attended either the Saratoga Springs or Calgary World Fantasy conventions, or if you are a registered member of this year’s convention. You can find information about the ballot here. The ballot itself is available as a PDF that can be mailed or e-mailed.

To vote for the Hugo Awards, the ballot must be received by end of day Eastern Daylight Time on July 3, 2009. At this point electronic voting is your only option to get your vote counted. You must be a supporting or attending member of this year’s Worldcon (Anticipation in Montreal) in order to be eligible to vote. You can still register, and it will set you back $50 US for a supporting membership or $210 for an attending membership.

I personally think being able to take part in the voting process is one of the most important things about being a science fiction and fantasy fan. Hugo voting numbers have declined some in recent years, and I’d love to see people take more interest in the process. (And that’s not, in interest of full disclosure, just because I’m on the Hugo ballot this year.)

There isn’t a lot of time left, but you could still squeak in if you hurry!



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