Terminator terminated by FOX

After weeks of speculation, it’s official: Fox has cancelled Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

And I’m pissed about it. The second season was a bit uneven (i.e. the Search for The Three Dots; Riley) but I always admired the show’s ability to tell interesting standalone episodes, especially earlier in the year. I thought a big chunk of ratings fell when Fox moved the show from Mondays to Fridays. I had hoped the network was waiting for McG’s upcoming movie to reinvigorate the franchise again. But, the network is Fox, after all. Destroyer of so many good TV shows. Yet keeper of Dollhouse. (To be fair, I have yet to watch the last four episodes. I needed a break from the rapey badness and Eliza Dushku’s terrible wide-eyed innocent Echo act, okay?) If I sound a bit bitter, I am.

Sarah Connor Chronicles had such a solid cast, especially Summer Glau, Lena Headey, and the fantastic Brian Austin Green. The shades of gray surrounding Catherine Weaver and John Henry were deepening. And what a finale! John Connor separated from his mother, in a post-Judgment Day world, where John Connor, the future leader of mankind’s resistance against the machines, had yet to exist. I’m sure the cast will reappear in great projects, but I really hope we get a third season in comic-form. Something for the fans. 


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