Lone Star Stories Reader for Free!

Lone Star Stories is an online magazine with consistently good content. Last year, editor Eric Marin published an anthology, The Lone Star Stories Reader, of stories that were published in the first 25 issues of the magazine.

With contributors like Jay Lake, Catherynne M. Valente, Tim Pratt, and Ekaterina Sedia, this is a solid anthology. You’ll find stories by writers you know, and a wealth of stories by writers you don’t know…yet.

Recently, Marin decided to try an experiment. You can download the anthology as a PDF here. That’s right, you can download the entire anthology for free. Of course, all of the stories in the anthology are also available on the Lone Star Stories site, but this is a way to get everything in one spot.

If you like the PDF, consider buying the book. I have a copy on my shelf.

I said it before, but I’ll say it again. Marin consistently puts out quality product. There’s a new issue every other month, and there’s always something good in every issue. You can check out past issues here.


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