Star Trek fans get a surprise…a full screening of the new JJ Abrams movie!

Star Trek fans in Austin, TX who attended the Fantastic Fest Star Trek event got a huge surprise last night: a full preview screening of the new Star Trek movie.

The event was a screening of the new, fully restored Wrath of Khan, and was limited to 200 guests. Paramount promised a ten minute sneak peek of the new movie for those lucky 200 fans.

Then things got more interesting. From

Star Trek filmmakers Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof kicked things off by telling the crowd of around 200, that they would be seeing the Star Trek preview after Wrath of Khan. Two minutes in to the showing of TWOK, the film appeared to have ‘melted’ and the guys came back out on the stage and appeared to be stalling for time while the film was fixed…and then, wearing a ball cap, Leonard Nimoy came out in front of the audience holding a film can.

Nimoy noted to the crowd that it just didn’t seem fair that people in Australia were the first to see the film and asked them “wouldn’t you rather see the new movie?” And apparently the crowd went wild. After that they showed the entire new Star Trek movie. Nimoy stayed for the entire event as did Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof.

It goes on to say that reception seemed “positive” and that the film got a standing ovation.

How freaking cool is that?! Good on you, Paramount. Good on you. I hope they still got to see the new remastered Wrath of Khan, though…


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