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The Wheel of Time Side-Project No. 1: Murphy Brown, eat your heart out

Hey, party people. Tis I, Leigh Butler, with a request for all y’all.

So, I’ve worn a lot of hats in my day. Most recently, as you may have noticed, I am wearing my blogger/recapper/commentator/thingy hat, right here on Tor.com. Apparently my leet blogger/recapper/commentator/thingy skillz have impressed the brass so much that they’re giving me yet another shiny hat to wear—that of Intrepid Investigative Reporter… thingy.

The “intrepid” part may be stretching it a little. Also, the “impressed” part. Possibly also the “brass” thing as well. Look, I like to take my triumphs where I can imagine them, okay? Why you gotta be so critical? Jeez.

Um. Anyway, it turns out I’m interviewing Chuck Dixon and Chase Conley, the creative team behind the adaptation of some fantasy series called the Wheel of Time? Yeah, I never heard of it either. Nevertheless, I am interviewing them.

And, apparently interviewing people calls for asking them questions and stuff? So, while I naturally am already just chock-full of insightful, hard-hitting, Pulitzer-Prize winning type questions to ask, I thought I’d throw the little people a bone and see if there was anything you are simply dying to know. I’m magnanimous that way.

This is, of course, merely a favor I am doing you, and in no way a desperate plea for help because I’ve never interviewed someone before. Not AT ALL. Really.

Hey, whose hat is this?

So. Chuck Dixon. Chase Conley. Comic books. Wheel of Time. What do you wanna know? Indulge your curiosity in ze commentses, and help a girl out at the same time! Doooo eet.Your karma will thank you, and so will I.

And that’s the way it is!


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