Krofft Brothers Give Green Light to Re-Imagined Sigmund

After years of legal disputes, the revamped and modernized Sigmund and the Sea Monsters is finally in pre-production. Rumor has it John Leguizamo has been tapped to play the lovable lump of seaweed. “We want the show to address modern issues,” says executive producer Ridley Scott. “Immigration. Drugs. Global warming especially. The original show kept that in the background, but this is 2008. I mean, 2009.” Featuring a soundtrack by Ghostface Killah, the re-imagined Sigmund promises to be “a punchy, hard-hitting, in-your-face, rip-open-your-spleen kind of kids’ show” says Rip Taylor, who will reprise his role as the conch-loving genie Sheldon.


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