New Wallpaper: Red Nose Studio

Good morning,! We’ve got some more wallpapers for you! As usual, you have to be a registered user and signed in to be able to download the wallpapers.

This time we’ve got an eerie, tilt-shifted look down the well by Red Nose Studio (blog, gallery): the cover for The Borribles Go For Broke.

We’ve also re-worked the sizes at which we’re giving these wallpapers out—we think you’ll be able to do more with these than with the previous sizes we offered.

2560 x 1600 —for 30 inch behemoths
1680 x 1050 —WSXGA
1920 x 1080 —1080p
1024 x 768 —XGA
1024 x 600 —for netbooks like the Asus EeePC
800 x 600 —SVGA
480 x 320 —iPhone/HVGA
480 x 272 —PSP


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