Everything dies.

Especially anything electronic. Over the past couple of months I’ve had my desktop computer’s hard drive fail, my PDA upped and died, and most recently my laptop just decided it wasn’t even going to turn on anymore. At least the latter had the decency to give up the ghost a few weeks before we head off to Arizona this weekend so that I had time to get a new one, then reinstall and configure all the software.

There’s something therapeutic about setting up a new computer. It’s a pain in the ass, frustrating as hell, but still liberating to have everything fresh and shiny-new, if only for a day or so. All those weird little programs you tried and abandoned, but didn’t bother to remove from your hard drive? They’re all gone. But so are all the weird little programs that you found useful, but you can’t exactly remember what they were called. You just know that they worked better than the half-dozen others you tried with similar names.
But eventually, the new computer’s up and running.

At least mine is. Now I can concentrate on getting ready for the trip. And setting things up so that I can contribute to this blog while I’m in Tucson.


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