One Page Wonders: Captain A-OK Fights Blug-Glub-Glub

Idiots’Books and are happy to bring you One Page Wonders, an exciting new way of hiding a dozen different stories, —all of which can be unlocked with a pair of scissors and a few deft folds—in a single sheet of paper. This week’s installment is called “Captain A-OK Fights Blug-Glub-Glub.” To figure out how to create these tiny books, please follow the instructions below.

1. Download the instruction sheet, which will look something like this.

Print it out if you think it will be helpful.

2. Download and print out the story PDF, which will look a little bit like this.

Make sure you tell the printer to print at actual size rather than shrinking or centering the image. A color printer would certainly be preferable if you have access to one, but black and white will do if you don’t.

3. You can assemble and read the story based just on these two items, but if you’d like a bit of a helping hand, the following video will do splendidly.

4. Read it a million times and enjoy it every one.

More One Page Wonders can be found at the collection page.


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