Sacramento Book Review SF/F Special Edition

Sacramento Book Review (“SBR”), a print publication of book reviews, has included a very special speculative fiction insert in their March issue.

In this issue, volunteer reviewers from around the country have covered new books by: David Weber, Ian McDonald, Steven Erikson, Allen Steele, T.A. Pratt, Amber Benson (of Buffy, The Vampire Slayer fame), Bruce Sterling, Jonathan Maberry, Kim Harrison, and many more!

Sacramento Book Review provides 32 pages of short, 200 word or less book reviews by readers, for readers. It is fast becoming the Publisher’s Weekly for book fans not in the publishing industry professionally. Though this month has a particular focus on science fiction and fantasy, the publication does cover a wide variety of genres, including mystery, children’s and young adult, cooking, self-help, travel, art, humor and 22 other categories.

Senior editor and publisher Ross Rojek launched Sacramento Book Review in September 2008 and has since grown the distribution from the Greater Sacramento Area into San Francisco as well as creating an online presence by offering the publication as a downloadable free pdf and posting many of the reviews at And if you prefer a hard copy of the tabloid, a print subscription is available for $18.00 a year.

This issue also is also the launch of SBR’s Microsoft® tag system, a barcoding system that allows mobile devices to instantly access extra web content. All it requires is a download of the software to your mobile device. Then you use your mobile device’s camera to focus on the bar-code on page 17 of SBR and you will be automatically redirected to the Amazon page of the relevant book. It is a particularly useful feature, and while not all books are tagged, those determined to be of most interest to readers have this little extra kick.

SBR is an excellent review publication. This month’s issue is especially useful for readers.

*In the interest of full disclosure, I am a reviewer for this publication, and even get a special mention in this month’s editorial from senior editor Ross Rojek.


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