I’d Summon the Geek Vote, But It’s Already In

The International Space Station needs a viewing deck, so this December, NASA is sending up Node 3. Incidentally, in addition to the unit’s many-windowed cupola, Node 3 will house the station’s Oxygen Generation System, the Atmosphere Revitalization System, the Water Recovery System, the Urine Processor Assembly and the waste and hygiene compartment. Sounds like they have a real spaceship up there! Working, gritty, realistic. Like something Joss Whedon would write.

For the first time, the public can go to NASA’s official website to vote for the new addition’s name; the various labs and airlocks up there already are named things like “Destiny,” “Quest,” and “Dawn.” Whatever. Right now, “Serenity” is in the lead by 81%.


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