New Watchmen Photos Confirm: Zack Snyder Did Read the Comic

The newest batch of Watchmen photos is up now at The Film Stage. Some of them we’ve seen before, but there are enough new shots to make spoiler-hounds happy. (The good news: more Rorschach than previously! The bad news: sixty-four shots of Dr. Manhattan.)

Don’t think these shots have any surprises, though; these photos exist for two reasons:

1)  To make you dive for midnight-show tickets, and
2)  To show you that Zack Snyder did his homework and has painstakingly recreated the graphic novel shot-for-panel.

A brief breakdown of responses:

1)  Mission accomplished!
2)  The hardcore fans have already noticed that you are taking care to compose your shots faithfully. However, I also noticed there are a lot more wavy things in the movie stills than in the comic, sir. Is this for slow-motion-fluttering purposes? You can tell me. It’s not like we don’t expect it from you. Just be honest, so we can tack another half-hour onto the movie’s running time.

Also, you, uh, really committed to the color palette, didn’t you? (For those who click: beware the eye-scrubbingly bright jewel tones on the business suits.)


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