meetup at Tor Party at Boskone this Saturday

This weekend, February 13th-15th is Boskone 46, in the Westin Waterfront in Boston. I’ll be there, as I am a Guest of Honor (Woot!). The Official Artist is Stephan Martiniere and Irene Gallo is Special Guest. It’s going to be a ton of fun, and if you’re anywhere near, you should definitely go.

On the Saturday evening, there’s a Tor party, and at that Tor party, fairly late (because I really really want to go to the performance of my Tam Lin play, which starts at 21h30), those of us who read and who will be at the convention should all meet up and talk about whose posts we like best and how to get Jon Evans to post more and why Middlemarch is almost as good as A Fire Upon the Deep and other silly and serious subjects dear to our hearts.

Who else can I hope to see there? Let me know on the events calendar.


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