Lost Round Table Index

Tor.com is always proud to present its weekly Lost round table discussion. Rather than have one or two individuals recap each episode, we have a rotating cast of people who contribute their thoughts and reactions. Here is an index to each episode’s round table.

Season 5

Episode 1, “Because You Left” & Episode 2, “The Lie”

Episode 3, “Jughead”

Episode 4, “The Little Prince”

Episode 5, “This Place is Death”

Episode 6, “316”

Episode 7, “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”

Episode 8, “LeFleur”

Episode 9, “Namaste”

Episode 10, “He’s Our You”

Episode 11, “Whatever Happened, Happened”

Episode 12, “Dead Is Dead”

Episode 13, “Some Like It Hoth”

Episode 14, “The Variable”

Episode 15, “Follow the Leader”

Episodes 16 & 17, “The Incident”


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