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Yesterday morning Mike “Gabe” Krahulik and Jerry “Tycho” Holkins hosted a Q&A with fans at the NYCC. They discussed toddlers, velociraptor rapists, DMing, and of course their works of cartoon genius.

The big news-that-isn’t-new of the day was for East Coast PAX, which will be in Boston next March (at the Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center, for those of you keeping track at home). The crowd went wild. I for one am utterly thrilled that such a major fan-oriented gaming convention and showcase will be coming within a few hours of me. Who else is in?

Mike and Jerry were patient, funny, knowledgeable, and humble—as you could’ve guessed from their blogs. They discussed the origins of the Fruit Fucker (a particularly terrifying piece of road construction equipment made them wonder if it was a “car fucker,” which implied to them that there could be a Fucker Co. that made other products); a set of self-help books they’d like to write titled OH NOES!, the first installment being OH NOES: Your girlfriend is pregnant! (autobiography alert?); and their favorite video games of all time (Mike: WoW on the PC, Kingdom Hearts 2 on a console; Jerry: Wasteland on the PC, Silent Hill 2 on a console).

I think the whole experience was best summarized when someone in the crowd asked them what they thought of their extraordinary reach worldwide to millions and millions of fans. Jerry responded, “If we were the kind of people who thought about our worldwide reach, we probably wouldn’t be us.”


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