Bruce Wayne: Neander-bat?

Grant Morrison is bat-shit crazy. I have the sneaking suspicion that someone took away the good drugs he shares with Warren Ellis, and replaced them with the bad drugs Joe Quesada takes every day. After teasing the death of Batman in the most unsatisfying way possible, he then finally produces a corpse—in the form of a charred and crispy Bruce Wayne, playing Jesus to Superman’s Virgin Mary in what I’ve come to affectionately call the “DC Crisis SuperPieta,” after an encounter with Darkseid in Final Crisis—only to throw everyone for a loop with the image from the final page of Final Crisis #7, the conclusion to DC’s continuity-busting/fixing/aligning/mending/what-have-you crossover.

Considering that Darkseid’s Omega Effect Beams are about as near to a deus-ex-machina as you can get—and given Morrison’s penchant for calling out Golden and Silver Age comics history (the Batman of Zur-en-Arrh, anyone)—Bruce Wayne could very well be hangin’ out with old man Anthro, inventing fire and drawing up some Lascaux-style cave-paintings.


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